Terms and Conditions

The Terms And Conditions That You Need To Go Through Before Booking A Flight With Us:

We at United_airlines.businessclassflights act as an intermediary between yourselves and the travel supplier by being your booking agents. The following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) cover the brochures and all booking made through us by you and it can be changed from time to time.

Booking through our travel portal.

We claim no responsibility directly or indirectly for any last minute changes on the ticketing deals or information on our travel portal. United_airlines.businessclassflights aims to provide all information about the flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, visas, passports, baggage rules but these keep changing for time to time The client should keep himself updated and informed about any visa or travel related rules. Certain software and content found on our website are owned or licensed by us or our Suppliers, your use of the same may be subject to further conditions.


You agree to indemnify us and our affiliates, and any of our Suppliers, and any such parties’ officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, losses, damages, or other costs, (including reasonable legal and accounting fees) brought by you or third parties as a result of (a) your breach of this Agreement, (b) your violation of any law or rights of any third party, including governmental entities, due to, arising from, or in connection with: (i) any breach by the Indemnifying Party of the terms of this Agreement, including, without limitation, any breach of any warranty or representation contained herein; and (ii) any gross negligence or willful misconduct committed by either party or (c) your use of our website.

Changes in Itinerary

You have the right to make changes in an itinerary in case of an emergency or other unavoidable circumstances, but we do not assure you any guarantee on getting a full refund or reservations on the same fare booked originally by the user.

Right to Cancelation

The Customer is responsible to provide all the data or information accurately to United_airlines.businessclassflights, in case of any incorrect details provided by you or in case of invalid information or fraudulent data, we reserve the right to cancel any booking or reservations without prior notice.

Exchange Fees

Any changes or cancellation or modification or refunds are subjected to fees both by the Supplier (Airlines, Hotels, Cruise, Car rentals, etc) depending on the time the request is made and also depends on the itinerary, domestic or international. Any change in the itinerary is subjected to exchange which may vary depending on the Supplier terms, date of travel, time of change.